k w a m i n a t i o n

The LaunchGood team were looking to create a moving animation to highlight the phenomenal work they have been doing throughout the year. Under a tight deadline Kwamination was able to deliver! LaunchGood went on to compete in Dubai giving a presentation that featured the animation. As a result, LaunchGood won the competition and received $100,000!
Cooper Lighting
Working close with the team at Artifact Design, a beautiful rendering was created of what Cooper Lighting is capable of doing for a hospital reception area.
Tron Bike
Initially the tron bike was modeled to play a small role in a TNT spot. But then we made further use of the bike in this light hearted animation done completely for fun. This is what might happen when a tron bike is turned on and no one is steering!
Chocolate Smile
We achieved putting together a delicious chocolatey animation to match the tasty chocolate wonderfall at Golden Corral. We were able to do this using the powerful liquid simulation program, Real Flow.
Sports Montage
Working along side the 3d team at Turner Sports and Turner Studios, we were able to achieve some complex animations and stunning visuals.
3D Art
Collection of 3D artwork completed for fun and for commercial projects as well.
BlackBerry Bold
Animating the BlackBerry Bold was a fun experience. That same joy was put into the smooth and playful motion of the phone throughout the spot.
Spreading the word about information that will benefit the masses is right up our alley. That's what made this project so enjoyable. In the end, we learned a few things ourself about the benefits of having a baby at home!
Risala Gardens
It was an enjoyable process to contribute to solidifying the vision for this planned community. This made it easy to go beyond the expectations of the client to deliver a glimpse of what this community could be in the near future!
One of the main features about this project was the clouds. Taking a unique approach with 3d animation to make cartoony clouds, we were able to get some really cool effects.
Once again, we turned to Real Flow to deliver liquid simulations under tight deadlines. With a pretty nice learning curve, it didn't take long to start cranking out some milky liquid simulations!
Collection of flyers completed for various events and programs.
Business Cards
Collection of business cards completed for various businesses.
Collection of logos completed for various businesses, including yours truly...Kwamination.
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